Oil & Gas

From the freezing temperatures endured by offshore platforms in the North Sea to onshore refineries found in arid deserts, ProClad offers the superior protection that oil and natural gas operations need in order to operate at peak performance. Both protection from outside sources of damage and preserving the design performance are vital for any modern energy production application. Being able to maintain the systems’ integrity through normal operation is important in order to ensure optimum thermal performance. Various protections against corrosion already exist in the form of anti-corrosive coatings. However, these protections only form a part of a multifaceted approach in protection from the elements. For a more comprehensive protection against corrosion, especially corrosion that occurs beneath layers of insulation (also known as Corrosion Under Insulation, or CUI) another layer of cladding in addition to paint becomes paramount.

ProClad jacketing, along with its proprietary adhesive system not only serves as a frontline defense against intrusive corrosive elements, but also maintains an elastomeric joint that minimizes water ingress – preventing CUI. In addition, ProClad differentiates itself from competitors’ jacketing (such as aluminum or stainless steel) by its excellent flexural and tensile strength. This allows for active foot traffic in so-called “walk on areas,” without damaging the insulation and piping underneath. With ProClad, systems can be prefabricated, allowing for seamless and easy construction. All in all, ProClad system will make sure your oil and gas systems operate at peak performance with less needed maintenance and overall lower costs.