What is UV Cured Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)?

UV GRP is a glass reinforced polyester or vinyl ester pre-peg curing with a wavelength of light in the Ultra Violet (UV) range.

Why UV?

A UV-Cured GRP, like ProClad Uncured Roll, has many advantages over typical GRP systems. The UV catalyst allows for safer transport and handling of materials. In a typical two-component GRP, the catalyst is often considered hazardous material. With a UV catalyst, this material is considered non-hazardous. Also, a UV-cured system, like ProClad Uncured Roll, will be more consistent in its set time and properties. We can control the amount of UV being used and, as such, can control set times to a higher degree than a typical two-component system.

What happens if I have little or no UV light available?

In indoor areas or where UV light is difficult to find, we offer our ProClad system which is a pre-cured shaped product that can easily fit into place. We offer straight runs for piping and a complete set of shapes for tees, long and short radius elbows and endcaps. We also offer portable UV lighting systems that can be used in indoor areas or where more UV light may be needed.

Are there advantages of ProClad Uncured Roll over typical metal cladding?

YES. ProClad Uncured Roll can enhance your corrosion resistance and CUI resistance. When ProClad Uncured Roll is installed correctly, the seams will form a chemical bond in the overlap that is water tight. No additional mechanical fastening system such as screws, rivets or bands are required to fasten this material. This means greater protection against water damage. ProClad Uncured Roll also exhibits higher strengths than typical Aluminum or Stainless jacketing. It can withstand higher compressive loading. These characteristics, along with its higher chemical resistance, make ProClad Uncured Roll a preferred jacketing material over metal in many applications.

What are the benefits of using UV GRP?
  • Highly resistant to foot traffic
  • Minimizes water penetration and reduces Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) risk
  • Mechanically strong with good flexural and tensile strength
  • Good resistance to UV and chemicals
  • Easily applied
  • Excellent adhesion to steel terminations
  • Great for pre-insulated modules and vessels
What are the fire characteristics of the ProClad Systems products?

The ProClad Uncured Roll product meets the ASTM E-84 25/50 standard for smoke and flame. This material is self-extinguishing and requires greater than a 20kw/m2 to make it combust. This material meets both ASTM E1317 and IMO 5660. ProClad Uncured Roll has also been tested in accordance to UL 1709 and used as part of fire rated systems for structural steel members. The duration of this test was 1 ½ hour rated system.

Does ProClad Systems offer training?

ProClad Systems has a full complement of personnel that is available to educate and train both end-users and contractors on the techniques required for proper installation. We also offer installation supervision for projects.

Where have ProClad Systems products been used in the past?

ProClad Systems products have been used all over the world. We have installations in Russia, Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Middle East. The majority of our applications have been used on LNG and cold applications.