Liquid & Natural Gas

In order for LNG plants to function properly, efficient insulation systems are needed for cryogenic service. When a plant is operating at -160°C, the environment is unforgiving. Inefficient insulation will result in much higher refrigeration requirements as the boiloff is increased. Ineffective insulation design will allow moisture to enter the insulation system, causing icing and major disruption. The relative movements of the insulation systems due to thermal contraction and expansion become major considerations. A key component to proper insulation design is the outer jacketing.  This is your first defense from water ingress and ice formation in the system.

ProClad not only serves as a frontline defense against intrusive corrosive elements, but also maintains a watertight seal that keeps insulation secure, preventing CUI. In addition, ProClad differentiates itself from competitors, such as aluminum or stainless-steel sheet claddings, by its excellent flexural and tensile strength. This allows for active foot traffic in walk-on areas, without damaging the insulation and piping underneath. Our systems can be prefabricated, allowing for seamless and easy construction. The ProClad system ensure your food processing systems operate at peak performance with less maintenance and lower costs overall.